Should you ever experience a problem with your site and be unable to cope with it, ask the web hosting provider’s tech support team to help you get the website back online. A timely solution would be the most optimal scenario, but many companies reply within twenty four hours or even more, particularly if you are doing business with a reseller. Even if the problem can be swiftly solved, your site may not function properly or it may not be accessible whatsoever for a long interval, so you may lose potential customers because it’s quite unlikely that anyone will enthusiastically revisit a site that is broken. Hence, you should make certain not only that you can touch base with your web hosting provider, but also that they can reply and help you in a timely fashion. If a software application update doesn’t proceed as planned or if you erase something unintentionally, for example, the website must be restored speedily in order to avoid protracted downtime.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Website Hosting
Our guaranteed maximum response time for any support ticket that you post or any e-mail that you send is only one hour, even in case you contact us during weekends and legal holidays. Irrespective of the nature of your issue or inquiry, we’ll help you out straight away and will supply you with the necessary info to sort out any problem with your websites. The actual reply time typically doesn’t surpass fifteen to twenty minutes, so you can forget about waiting for hours to get a problem fixed or what’s even worse than that – waiting one whole day only to receive a response that more information is needed while nothing’s sorted out. We will give you assistance in a timely fashion since we know how valuable time can be in the dynamic digital space. The one-hour response time guarantee is valid for any technical or billing question that you may have regarding our Linux cloud website hosting.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers
We guarantee that if you post a support ticket through your web hosting Control Panel or send an email associated with your semi-dedicated server, you will get a reply within sixty minutes max. You can contact us at all times with regard to billing, general or technical matters and because of the fact that we will be at your service night and day, you’ll always receive support in no time. Depending on the specific question or issue, we will give you more information, sort out the predicament if it’s been caused by something that is within our reach or instruct you on what steps to take in case you have to adjust a particular setting for a web-based application that we do not have access to. You can just forget about waiting for a whole day for every single response. As a matter of fact, in the majority of cases we reply to emails and tickets within no more than 20-25 minutes.